Meet The Team

Please take a moment to become acquainted with the support staff of Union Veterinary Associates.  We are truly blessed to have such a dedicated team.  Their combined knowledge and enthusiasm for the job of veterinary technology allows us to provide exceptional care to all of our patients.

Molly Evers, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician

Molly Evers is a registered veterinary technician. She graduated from the Brown-Mackie Veterinary Technology program in 2014 and immediately started working at Union Veterinary Associates. She has been a tremendous asset to the practice since January of 2014.

Molly has always loved animals and grew up with various dogs, cats, pocket pets, and horses. She spent 4 years volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation clinic where she learned she had an interest in the medical aspect of animal husbandry. In the clinic she really enjoys running bloodwork and educating pet parents to help them provide the best possible care for their furry kids.  

She lives in Union with her husband, two teenagers, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 15 chickens, a corn snake, and a horse. When she’s not at work she enjoys spending time with her family, caring for her menagerie, bike rides on the Katy Trail with her husband, and horseback riding.   

Rylee Zancauske

Veterinary Technician

Rylee Zancauske started working for Union Veterinary Associates while still in school in February of 2019.  Originally she planned to become a teacher, but then had a change of heart and decided to pursue a career in veterinary technology. She graduated from Jefferson College with an Associate of Science in Veterinary Technology in May of 2020.  Since then she has been a valued part of our practice.  Although she is proficient in all areas of veterinary technology, her main duties include being our front office receptionist, inventory management, and records management.  She has exceptional organizational skills and and is a talented multi-tasker, something I am sure she learned while helping her mother manage a restaurant. She is a perfect fit for our fast paced, ever changing practice.

In her free time, Rylee enjoys spending time with her husband.  Together they have many pets including three dogs, one cat, two rabbits and two tortoises.


Samantha Gotsch

Veterinary Technician

Samantha Gotsch joined our staff in August of 2019.  She is a graduate of the University of Missouri with her Bachelors in Animal Science and minor in Captive Wild Animal Management.  Following college, Sam worked as a farrowing technician in swine production for three years.  As a farrowing technician, it was her job to care for mother pigs and their babies, making sure they had everything they needed to thrive.  After managing the farrowing department for three years, Sam decided it was time to take her career towards something greater.  Knowing a job as a veterinary technician would give her a wider array of animal species to learn about, Sam pursued an open position at Union Veterinary Associates.  We are so lucky that she opened this next chapter of her life in animal care.  Since 2019, her passion for animals has helped fuel her success as a veterinary technician.  She is eager to learn and continues to build on her solid foundation of animal care and husbandry.

Sam, her fiance', three dogs, three cats and her chickens reside in Bourbon, MO where they enjoy their quiet little piece of land.  Her free time is filled with outside activities such as gardening and candid animal photography.

Elisa Wagner

Veterinary Technician

Elisa Wagner grew up and currently resides in Lonedell, MO where she helps with her family's herd of beef cattle.  Veterinary medicine was something that interested her at a young age when she started her own herd of beef cattle. She was motivated to pursue a career in veterinary technology to allow her to help educate others with respect to the care and well being of their pets and livestock.  As she forged a path toward veterinary technology, she became a very valuable volunteer at our clinic.  She became a part time employee in 2019 and continued in this fashion through her college education. 

Elisa graduated from Jefferson College with a degree in Veterinary Technology in May 2021.  Since then, she has been a full time technician. Elisa is a valued member of our team.  She is tremendously proficient in all areas, but has a special knack for our digital radiology equipment. 

Elisa has many interests outside of work.  She has a Border Collie, two other dogs, five guinea pigs, chickens and many other farm animals.  She also enjoys gardening, fishing, hunting and raising cattle.

Randi Brueggemann

Veterinary Technician

Randi Brueggeman joined our staff in May 2021.  She graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Science in May 2021.  While attending Truman, she worked as a technician in a small animal veterinary clinic.  She also worked at the Kirksville sale barn.  She lived on the Truman Farm where she was responsible for caring for the Truman horses and cattle. After graduation, Randi returned to her hometown of Washington where she resides with her black lab, tabby cat and fiance'.  Our clinic has benefited greatly from her skill and reliability as a veterinary technician.

Randi is currently working towards becoming a mixed animal veterinarian with the goal of practicing veterinary medicine within Franklin County.